Thank you for giving Rainbow Academy the opportunity to provide you with information regarding our Center. When you visit Rainbow you will see that our Center has been designed to provide a warm and loving atmosphere for your child.


Our program focuses on your child's individual needs and on his/her social, emotional and intellectual development. What makes our program unique is that we have been developing our curriculum since 1983.  Our curriculum continues to change and adapt to the developmental needs of the individual children we are presently caring for. To attain this goal, our teachers attend curriculum meetings on a monthly basis. During these meetings they collect information and set goals and objectives for the coming months. From this information each teacher writes detailed weekly lesson plans to help them reach their end product: To teach your child new concepts and skills in a way that your child can actually EXPERIENCE and participate in a pleasurable learning experience. 

Our job does not stop there. It is also our responsibility to shift focus of curriculum and programming to a very important basic. It is imperative that we play a role in improving your child's quality of childhood. We must respect the fact that childhood is a special and powerful time. Our childhood experiences form the foundation of who we become, how we form relationships and how we view ourselves as individuals. Our children should be able to one day look back on their childhood and feel a sense of warmth and security based on their childhood experiences. This special part of the curriculum is one that we cannot put down in black and white, rather it is a general feeling of the environment your child is in. It is a culmination of special qualities in staff attitude about the importance of our jobs and the dedication to making your child's childhood a happy and secure experience.

Our policies and child care decisions are made by a qualified staff who are constantly experiencing and responding to the children's and parent's daily needs. Our major source of advertising is the happy, well-adjusted children we are helping raise and the many recommendations of our satisfied parents that come to join our Rainbow family.

You are welcome to visit our school at any time to see the many facets of our child care environment that make Rainbow Academy so different from other child care centers.

We at Rainbow Academy, work as a team. We care about each other and the children in our care. We have a job to do that.

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