Before & After School Care

We have tried to anticipate the concerns encountered by working parents. We realize that your older children need to have supervision so that you can have peace of mind at work. Our Before and After School Programs have been developed to meet those needs of working parents with children ages 5 to 12. Our program supplements the child’s regular school hours by offering morning care, at which time breakfast is offered, and afternoon care. Because we provide transportation between your child’s school and the Center, parents are relieved of the worry as to the safety of their child.


The After Zone, our new addition to Rainbow Academy, was designed to provide a safe place for school-age children, first to sixth grade, to go to before and after school away from a “daycare/little kids” environment.


We want the children to be able to come in and feel as if they were coming home from school.  The 4000 square foot facility is truly a child’s dream after school “hang out”.


We have provided a library equipped with Mac computers, large oak tables for doing homework and leather sofas and a fireplace to snuggle down and read a book.


Our Bakery area is designed with child height cabinets and counters at which the children have supervised access to snacks and milk or juice as they would at home.


Our Diva room is a girls only room (boys welcome, but most likely not interested) decorated with a zebra rug, Pottery Barn mirror and vanity, a WII and numerous supplies for weaving bracelets, braiding hair and any other activities that the girls like to do without interruption from the boys.


The Game Room is fully equipped with Xboxes, computers, Playstation 3, Wii and Wii Dancing and Singing, Ms. Pac Man, board games, and a plethora of building supplies.


Our theatre is equipped with a 10’ x 8’ movie screen, an HD projection camera and a Dolby surround system.  The theatre also has a computer and video camera designated for child made commercials and skits.  The children can then watch their creations in larger than life style on the movie screen while they eat freshly made popcorn from their popcorn machine.


The Arts and Science area is designed to accommodate the messiest of science and art projects.  The children have access to a myriad of supplies and equipment to choose from to challenge and accommodate their creative side.


Nine cameras are distributed throughout the facility for safety and security and can be viewed throughout the time that the children are present.


At the After Zone: 


  • The children will be a part of a monthly Student Council where they will have input on themes for the month, art and social projects, etc.

  • Our curriculum will include American history and chapter books.  More information will come closer to the fall.

  • Since our school-agers are older, and enjoy their exclusive facility, we have purchased two new buses that do not carry the Rainbow logo, rather the “cool” After Zone logo, more appropriate for our more mature students.

Call Us: 1-630-668-8088 /  carolstream@rainbowacademy.net /  1280 Kuhn Rd. Carol Stream, IL 60188