Our Infant Program is designed for infants from 6 weeks to 15 months. So that we can tend to your baby’s individual needs and developmental stages, we have two separate infant rooms. The first infant room, the Caterpillars, cares for infants six weeks to approximately nine months. The second infant room, the Wobblers, cares for infants approximately nine months to fifteen months.


Most centers do not separate infants until they reach fifteen months. Rainbow has found that the separation of the older infants from the younger infants raises the quality of care significantly.  The staff that cares for your child is very carefully selected to give your child the care, stimuli, security and consistency that each individual child needs at this time and throughout his/her childhood.  To maintain continuity and a smooth transition between home and center, a daily chart is kept to record your child's eating, napping and elimination habits. We also keep track of any milestones or any other information that you would find useful in helping you care for your child after he/she has left the Center that day.

Our teachers are required to prepare monthly evaluations regarding each child. We use this as a guide to prepare lesson plans and activities for each individual child according to his/her developmental needs. We also use the monthly evaluations as an invaluable tool to gauge development to assure that your child is on track developmentally and physically. Parents receive a copy of these monthly assessments.


Our sanitation, health and safety procedures are constantly being assessed. Everything and anything that comes in contact with your baby is sanitized on a daily basis. Toys, cribs, crib sheets and floor mats are sanitized daily. As with all of our classrooms, our staff must adhere to a very extensive daily, weekly and monthly list of cleaning duties to insure a healthy and safe environment for your child.


" A baby needs a safe world where he or she is encouraged to venture, rewarded for venturing his/her own acts, and sustained against distraction or premature interferences in carrying them out. He or she needs a world rich with opportunities to see, hear, feel, touch and move."


                  Jerome Bruner (1973)

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