Our Toddler Program, the Monkeys, cares for children ages 15 months to 24 months. The staff that cares for your child is very carefully selected to give your child the care, stimuli, security and consistency that each individual child needs at this time and throughout his/her childhood.


The primary goal of our program, as it is with all of our programs, is to provide a warm, loving, home-like environment.


In addition to the love and quality care your child will be receiving at Rainbow, your child will participate in a developmental program which includes activities such as: finger-painting, pouring and mixing ingredients to make simple food items, stories, large motor activities and music.


We are aware that cooperative planning and good communication between our staff and the parents is essential in providing consistent quality care for your toddler. Your toddler’s teacher will keep a daily record of your child’s eating, sleeping and developmental activities.


Our toddlers are evaluated frequently to assure that they are at the appropriate developmental level and to also help us assess our program so that we can effectively meet the needs of your child.


A (toddler) needs a setting where he will feel that the world is at his fingertips, that it is his to explore and enjoy.

(Frank & Theresa Caplan, 1974, p. 107)

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