Your two year old is a unique little person. Two year olds are full of curiosity and so eager to explore every facet of their environment. It is a time when they are discovering that they need to share their world with others. Our program encourages your child to investigate and safely discover his/her environment under the gentle guidance of his teacher.


Our goal is to broaden your child's range of experiences through the careful selection of appropriate equipment and the hiring of qualified and caring staff. Your child is encouraged to reach for goals tailored to his/her individual goals, not group goals. Our staff is trained to guide your child through the various stages of development when she is physically, emotionally and socially ready.


Self-help skills such as toilet-training, dressing, feeding and washing hands are all important facets of our program. Art, music, baking, finger-painting, games, sand and water play, exercise, dancing and imaginative play are all incorporated in our daily program. As your child engages in these activities he/she will increase his/her vocabulary and language skills, develop his/her fine and gross motor skills and sharpen his auditory and visual discrimination abilities. Your child will be busy laying the foundation upon which higher skills and concepts can be built.

"A child is wonderfully prepared for active learning from birth. Children approach the world with all senses open, all motors running---the world is an invitation to experience. Their job is to develop and test all their equipment, make sense of the confusing world of people and the things and unseen mysterious forces and relationships like gravity, number and love"

(Jim Greenman, 1988, p. 30)

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